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timber deck well decorated with potted house plants

Are you looking for a new deck?
A well-designed timber deck can be the perfect addition to your home. Not only does it add extra living space, but it also enhances the look and feel of your property. At Patios Wollongong Pro, we specialize in designing and building decks that are beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.
Our experienced professionals will work with you to create a deck that perfectly matches your needs and budget. We use only the highest quality materials and construction techniques, so you can be sure your deck will last for many years.
Contact us today for a free consultation on designing your new timber deck!


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    What is timber decking, and what are the different types of timber decking available

    We have many different choices of timber decks to choose from, but the most popular is Merbau and Spotted Gum.
    Merbau is a hardwood naturally resistant to rot and termites, making it an excellent choice for those who want a low-maintenance deck. It is also affordable and can be installed by a DIYer with the right tools and knowledge.
    Spotted Gum is another popular choice for timber decks. It is a durable hardwood that is resistant to rot and termites. It is also a beautiful wood with a natural reddish-brown colour that will complement any home.
    When choosing suitable timber decking for your home, it is crucial to consider the climate in which you live. Merbau and Spotted Gum are both excellent choices for decks in Wollongong because they are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

    timber deck with a potted plant, table and seating area
    timber deck builder laying timber boards

    The benefits over other materials such as concrete or stone in the market

    Timber decking is a popular choice for many homeowners as it offers several advantages over other materials. Timber is a natural material that is easy to work with and can be stained or painted to match your home’s existing colour scheme. Timber decking is also relatively inexpensive and can be installed by a DIYer with the right tools and knowledge.
    Another benefit of timber is that it is a renewable resource, so you can feel good about using a sustainable product.
    If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, timber decking is an excellent choice as it only needs to be cleaned occasionally. Timber is also an eco-friendly material that will last for many years with proper care.

    How to install timber decking yourself or hire a professional to do it for you

    A professional can install a timber deck, or you can still do it yourself. When doing it yourself, you need to consider the materials needed, and the time it will take to complete the job.
    If you live in Wollongong and are considering timber decking for your home, we recommend hiring a professional to install it. This is because they will be able to advise you on the best type of wood to use as well as the most durable option for your home.
    They will also be able to install the decking on time and ensure that it is correctly sealed to withstand the harsh weather conditions that Wollongong is known for.
    Hiring a professional to install your timber decking is the best option if you want excellent results.

    The cost of installing timber decking and how to save money on the project

    The installation cost of timber decking can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. If you want to save money on the installation cost, we recommend installing the decking yourself.
    You can find instructions online or in DIY stores, which can be a great way to save money on the project. However, it is essential to note that installing timber decking is not a simple task, and it is essential to make sure that you are prepared before starting the project.
    If you are not confident in your ability to install the timber decking yourself, we recommend hiring a professional. Hiring a professional can be more expensive than doing it yourself, but it will ensure perfect results.

    Why choose us?

    Are you looking for a professional to help you design and build your dream timber deck? Look no further!
    We are experts in timber decking and can help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home. Whether you want a traditional deck or something more modern, we can work with you to design and build the perfect patio for your needs.
    A beautiful timber deck is a perfect way to improve your home and increase its value. Not only will it be a great place to relax and entertain guests, but it will also add extra living space to your property.
    Contact us today for a free consultation! We would love to hear from you.


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